National Cheese Lovers Day

National Cheese Lovers Day

To get your taste buds tingling on #NationalCheeseLoversDay, Account Manager Peter Tompkins has prepared some classic recommendations for us...

Goat’s Cheese & Henri Bourgeois Sancerre

A classic example of what grows together goes together; The Loire Valley is the spiritual home of Goat’s cheese and is also home to Sancerre.

The persistent minerality and acidity of the Sancerre cuts the earthy creaminess of the cheese. The slightly citrus edge of the cheese picks up that expressive core of lemon peel found in the Sancerre.


Brie & Rothschild Brut NV Champagne

Brie, with its creamy voluptuous texture is crying out for some vibrancy and verve; here, the Champagne provides the perfect amount of acidity to slash through the buttery brie and provides a beautifully hazelnut and toasty note that works perfectly together.


Gruyère & Les Parcellaires de Saulx Pinot Noir

The typically reserved and layered Gruyère pairs well with this medium bodied delicately smoky and earthy Pinot Noir. The redcurrant and gamey notes of this modern yet pretty Pinot possess great synergy with the nutty and delicate character of Gruyère.


Roquefort & Château Rieussec

Containing almost no traceable tannins, Château Rieussec smothers the saltiness of the Roquefort and plays a similar role to that of chutney on a cheese board. In addition, the razor sharp acidity of Rieussec slashes the creaminess of Roquefort.

Take either away and you’ll struggle to imbibe the same gluttonous volume; they cut, balance and compliment perfectly.


Cave Aged Cheddar & Château Clarke

A good quality cave aged cheddar will possess a nutty, earthy savoury character whilst retaining a creamy richness and a

traditionally-styled claret, like Château Clarke will naturally carry a tannic backbone. The tannins of Château Clarke bind to the fatty proteins in the cheese and allow you to enjoy the fruit profile of the wine.

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