National Vegetarian Week

National Vegetarian Week

by Sarah Harrison


Ever wondered which wines go best with vegetarian recipes? It's a fair enough question considering a lot of people use the rule of thumb that red wine goes with red meats whilst white wine pairs with white meats and fish (a vast oversimplification of course!).

So to help celebrate National Vegetarian Week, we've selected some of our favourite veggie and vegan recipes and found the perfect wine pairings for you. Now the only choice will be which combo to try first!



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First up we have vegan Portobello Jackfruit Burgers. This has to be the easiest plant based alternative and ridiculously juicy too. Now, I love a veggie burger, and this is probably the best veggie version of a 'dirty burger' I've come across - you know the kind where the juices drip down your hand and you feel like you need a shower after. If the burger isn't giving me those vibes, I'm quite frankly not interested. 

When it comes to matching a wine, Pinot Noir is a great match for this dish. The wine has earthy and fruity notes that can complement the savoury flavours of the mushrooms, while also balancing the sweetness of the jackfruit. I recommend trying this with our own Waddesdon Rothschild Collection Pinot Noir, or if you fancy treating yourself, try our new kid on the block, Akarua Pinot Noir.




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Oh, Ottolenghi, you've done it again! Your Butternut Crunch Pie recipe had me at the words 'caramelised pastry' (ever added icing sugar to a savoury pie before?!). A super creamy pie filled with sumptuous flavours like butternut squash and feta needs a wine that will hold its own!

Our Los Vascos Chardonnay is a great option to match the creaminess of the butternut squash but with just the right acidity to balance the tangy feta. If you'd rather go for a red, why not try Penfolds Bin 28. The fruitiness and spice in this bottle from Australia's most esteemed producer is a perfect match for the sweetness and earthiness in the pie.


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This mouth-wateringly good salad has a mix of fresh greens, tangy pomegranate seeds and creamy hummus.

A crisp Sauvignon Blanc such as Rimapere works beautifully well with the tartness of the pomegranate and the freshness of the greens. It has a light body and a refreshing acidity that can balance out the creaminess of the hummus.

Alternatively, a dry Rosé such as Château d' Aussières Rosé can also be a harmonious match, with its fruitiness and acidity that enhance the flavours of the salad.

Hopefully we've given you some (veggie) food for thought and we'd love to know if you try any of these combinations! Don't forget to tag us on Instagram or Facebook @waddesdonwine


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