Altan d' Aussières Corbières 2020

Altan d' Aussières Corbières 2020

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A beautiful concentration of fruit and aromas, Altan d'Aussières is a generous, full-bodied wine that offers a complex palette of flavours from deep within the identity of our terroir, with scents of the garrigue (broom, rock rose), and aromatic herbs (thyme, sage, juniper and rosemary). The batches produced by carbonic maceration give the blend a creamy, velvety and yet firm structure, with an aromatic palette of fresh, very ripe fruit (crushed berries, strawberries). This complex mosaic is easily identifiable, constituting the very specific Corbières identity marker that we wanted to bring out with the techniques used in Altan’s production. Altan d'Aussières thus offers a harmonious expression from the moment it is opened and does not need further bottle ageing.
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Domaines Barons de Rothschild Lafite | Château d'Aussières

Rich, Fruit-filled and Spicy

Altan is a brand new release from d'Aussieres that possesses such a unique profile. Complex and intriguing.


France | A.C. Corbières


38% Syrah, 34% Grenache, 28% Carignan



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